The Letter That Took Decades To Write

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The Letter That Took Decades To Write.

As part of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2024, Male Survivors Partnership together with RocketMill and filmmaker, Bosie Vincent, have released a new film exploring the issue of sexual violence against boys and men, called ‘The Letter That Took Decades To Write’.

The film features the ‘same’ person as a boy and then as a young and older man as he attempts to articulate the words to describe the sexual violence he suffered as a young boy through the written word.

Gary Pleece, CEO of Male Survivors Partnership said “This film is really important in order to highlight the endemic issue of sexual violence against boys and men in society in England and Wales. I was abused as a young boy, the trauma from which nearly killed me. It was only specialist therapy from MankindUK that saved my life.

At the end of the specialist therapeutic process, you are encouraged to write a letter to your younger and older self to ‘close’ the therapy. We thought this would be a good basis to create the narrative for the film around and we think it’s been brilliantly executed. A big thanks to RocketMill who have provided lots of time and specialist pro bono work in helping us to shape the film and to Bosie Vincent for his creative eye and selfless support.. We couldn’t have done this without them and we are extremely grateful.

The funding landscape is really tough right now for MSP and organisations that provide specialist services to boys and men who have been abused so we need to keep raising awareness and fighting the battle for recognition for boys and men. This film will help us do that.”

From RocketMill:

“We are honoured to have worked with Gary and the Male Survivors Partnership (MSP) charity on this important awareness campaign. As an agency that is passionate about empowering nonprofits, it was our privilege to support them by bringing this vital message to life through a powerful and impactful film.

Our team worked closely with MSP to understand their message and then convey it in a way that would resonate with both survivors and those who can help in providing support and funding. We hope that this film will help survivors by raising awareness and driving positive change.”


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