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Say Something if You See Something Campaign 2022

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Image by Annie Spratt from Pixabay


The ‘Say Something If You See Something’ is a campaign package supporting our Child Exploitation Awareness Day #CEADay22 held on 18th March and first collated in 2013 containing materials different areas and organisations had developed to raise awareness of how child exploitation and trafficking can involve our communities.

The campaign involves sharing practice, publicity materials, and resources to help professionals, businesses, sport, retail, leisure, and the wider community recognise and respond to the risk of child exploitation.   

Each year we have been amazed and impressed by the commitment you have shown to this date, the creative and wide range of events you have all run, the publicity campaigns and resources so many of you have used. During January and February, the NWG Network are revising the 2022 version of the Say Something If You See Something campaign, with new guidance and information about a trauma informed and contextual approach to safeguarding.

I am writing to invite you, or your organisation, to contribute to this national campaign.  If you have developed any practice, resources or new material relating to child exploitation and trafficking that you would like to share nationally, please provide us with either a link to your website, or send us a copy of the materials so that they are available to download from the package.

Please send your links or documents to network@nwgnetwork.org by 7th February 2022.