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JiCSAV Workshop (Justice in Covid-19 for Sexual Abuse & Violence)

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JiCSAV Reseach Team
Lara Hudspith

JiCSAV (Justice in Covid-19 for Sexual Abuse and Violence) research team to invite you to their upcoming workshop ‘JiCSAV Workshop V: Judiciary’. During the workshop they will be presenting preliminary findings from the interviews that they have conducted thus far with judges who preside over sexual offences cases. In particular, they will discuss the impacts that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on sexual offences trials with regards to: the challenges that the judiciary, barristers, and court staff have faced; innovations that have been implemented throughout this time; and the subsequent impacts that such factors have had on complainants in such cases.

The workshop provides an opportunity for you to have direct input into the project, comment on the initial findings, share your perspective, and shape the synthesis further, as well as highlight any gaps that need to be addressed in the research going forward.

This event will take place on Monday 31st January from 4.30pm-6.00pm via Teams and will be attended by a range of practitioners and stakeholders. To access the event please use the following link:

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You can find out more about JiCSAV by clicking the link https://www.coventry.ac.uk/research/research-directories/current-projects/2020/jicsav/