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Update: mapping specialist support services by gender

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Male Survivors Partnership
Katie - MSP Researcher

This is news of work in progress that you can help us complete.

We (Male Survivors Partnership) have recently created an interactive map which displays the services available to victims and survivors who identify as men, women, transgender and other gender identities. The map shows the support that is available and uses data to highlight variation in need and support available across genders.

When you click on each service, you will be able to access the number, or at least a percentage, of the people that have used this service by gender. To find this data, we have been researching the services by region and contacting them for further information. We have also invited services to take part in our survey, which can be accessed by following this link https://malesurvivor.co.uk/gender-inclusive-sector-survey-2021/.

We are also including published police data records of sexual offences by gender. We are hoping that this informs consideration of whether the services available are meeting the needs of different genders, and similarly, whether police records accurately reflect the need for such services. Initial analysis of police data on the proportion of offences against men and boys indicates gender-inclusive services across England and Wales could expect one in eight of their clients to be male. But in some regions gender-inclusive organisations find that more than a quarter of their clients are male – much more than the police data would suggest. As yet there isn’t enough service data though, which is where you can help.

The map is a work in progress and currently favours the services available in the North West, as we have researched that region in detail. This will be shortly followed by London and South East, and eventually the rest of the country by region. But your organisation and your data can be added at any time if you complete the survey.

Please check out the map and if you wish to have your organisation featured in the map or have data to share with us, please don’t hesitate to complete the survey at https://malesurvivor.co.uk/gender-inclusive-sector-survey-2021/. Alternatively, you can contact us at research@malesurvivor.co.uk.