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Ministry of Justice consulting on further Covid funding needs

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Male Survivors Partnership
Jonny Gutteridge

A member organisation has shared with me that the MoJ are consulting services who receive funding through the national Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Fund to “establish ongoing and additional future needs anticipated in the continuing response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic”. Please will you share your feedback about this process? I will then work with the Male Survivor Partnership board to feed a collective view into the MoJ process. More generally, it will help to start to build collective understanding of members’ immediate funding needs and the impact of Covid on services for male survivors of sexual violence.

To introduce myself briefly: I’m the new Head of Operations for the Partnership, working to support members and develop the Partnership and its impact. There’s blurb about me on the About Us page.

The MoJ’s consultation (see attached) asks services for:
1. ongoing and additional future needs anticipated in the continuing response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic
2. related costs, including of service adaptation, increases in demand, increased staffing, hardware/software expenditure
3. consideration of whether current needs can be met through existing funding
They’re asking about the need across all services provided by grant recipients, not just those funded by the RSF grant.

My interest is in a sectoral response, so I’d be keen to hear from members who aren’t RSF grant recipients, as well as those that are. How has Covid hit your service and your sustainability? Are there opportunities now that MoJ support could help with? Do you have feedback for MoJ about their process and funding choices?

Please note that your views will be considered as confidential and your name/organisation name won’t be shared with the MoJ if/when we talk to them. You can email me at hello@malesurvivor.co.uk or post. I’m happy to arrange a chat by phone or any Internet platform. Thanks! Looking forward to members’ responses. Perhaps you could get in touch by September 21st?

Jonny Gutteridge, Head of Operations, Male Survivors Partnership