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Anti-Rape Demonstration

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Dumfries' Anti-Rape Group

An Anti-Rape Demonstration will take place in Dumfries’ High St. on Saturday 9th July at 1pm.


Your group, and anyone else you know who may be interested, or has been affected by rape, sexual assault, harassment or violence, are invited to attend.


– If anyone from Male Survivor members would be interested in speaking at this event, especially about its vital and important work, and to help educate people that anyone of any gender can be raped, then please get in touch / feel free to volunteer on the day. Survivors, allies, gender equality charities, and groups supporting survivors are extremely welcome to speak, and we especially welcome speakers from refugee / disability / working class / LGBT+ / BIPOC groups.


For those that transport may be a barrier to attending: reply to this email with your needs and we will try and arrange transport so that all who want to attend on the day, can.


Or, if you or your group is able to, we strongly encourage people to organise coaches, mini buses, car sharing, or travelling in groups together on public transport. (This is so that people can feel safer travelling to this event / safer to wear whatever they want and/or bring placards with them to the demonstration).


As this is a non-violent action to help educate people, if your group has any educational leaflets you would like to be distributed during the demo, please bring some with you and/or send a digital version to this address with permission to print and distribute on the day.


The international protest song ‘Un violador en tu camino / A rapist in your path’ (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSHUS2lehOY) – will be performed on the day. You are encouraged to learn the lyrics and steps to participate in the demo (in whatever language you prefer; all languages welcome).


Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested / want to attend, and feel free to print out and share the attached image. (For online sharing please use the hashtag #endrapeculturedumfries).


In hope and solidarity,


Dumfries’ Anti-Rape Group