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Zillah Turner

Message from NHS England and NHS Improvement Team


“The national SARC campaign programme of work continues to develop at pace.  They are on track to launch w/c 7th February 2022.

Freuds are looking for case studies.  People who have accessed a sexual assault referral centre and are willing to take part in the campaign launch film or a media interview to share their positive experience at a SARC.   Our priority is to find the right people, they are resilient people who feel empowered by sharing their experience and want to encourage others to seek help.  I am reaching out to you to see if your members would know of anyone suitable.  They should automatically spring to mind because they have probably done something similar in the past.   I am scoping to see who is out there, there is no need for individuals to be contacted at this stage.  No pressure or commitment on either side.   Given the key messages and overall campaign aims, we would like to attract a diverse range of case studies including representation from our targeted four audiences:-


  1. Ethnically diverse women aged 18-33
  2. Men aged 18-25
  3. Individuals who identify as LGBT+ aged 18-33 of different ethnicities
  4. People who are 18 years or older from the South-East of England


All I need is a “yes, we may have someone suitable” response.  Please email zillah.turner2@nhs.net.