Year Anniversary of Historic Launch of Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Survivors of Sexual Violence

Year Anniversary of Historic Launch of Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Survivors of Sexual Violence

The Male Survivors Partnership (MSP) is celebrating the first anniversary of the historic launch of the Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Survivors of Sexual Violence.

The Victim’s Commissioner, Baroness Helen Newlove, launched the first ever Quality Standards specifically for male survivor services on January 31st, 2018 and since then they have been downloaded almost 200 times from service providers across the UK.

The Quality Standards were set to improve the consistency of service provision across the UK and provide a framework and benchmark that could be used to develop and improve the quality of services to male survivors by recognising their specific needs.

Neil Henderson, chairman of the Male Survivors Partnership said: “The board of the Male Survivors Partnership are overwhelmed by the appetite for the independently accredited Quality Standards. Requests have been received from a wide range of organisations across England and Wales – it really has been quite astonishing.

“What we’re really pleased about is that Commissioning bodies have welcomed the Quality Standards as well – recognising them as a very effective means of driving up standards of support for male survivors – some are requiring agencies they commission to apply to be assessed.”

Since the launch, 10 services have been selected and progressed through the independent accreditation process with one, Victim Support West Yorkshire ISVA Service, gaining the first official accreditation earlier this month.

Alisha Thomas, ISVA Team Leader from Victims Support West Yorkshire ISVA Service said: “We are so proud to have been the first service provider to be accredited for the Quality Standards. We have found the whole process so rewarding and have used it as an opportunity to improve a couple of areas of our practice but also proved that we operate at the highest possible standard which gives our service users real confidence in what we do.

“We are committed to adhering to the Quality Standards and would recommend anyone who provides a service to support male survivors of unwanted sexual experiences to download the standards and work in line with them. This way we can collectively improve the consistency and quality of care for male survivors across the country – something these survivors so richly deserve.”

Following additional funding, 10 organisations will be selected following an application process to become part of the accreditation, monitoring and support programme enabling them to achieve a ‘Quality Mark’ once they are able to evidence that they meet the quality standards.

For further information on the standards and further guidance please visit the Males Survivors Partnership website – malesurvivor.co.uk or follow on Twitter – @MaleSurvivorUK or Facebook – @MaleSurvivorsPartnership