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Wave 11 of the Independent Accreditation Programme for the Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence has now been launched by LimeCulture

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Male Quality Standards


LimeCulture is delighted to announce the Independent Accreditation Programme is now accepting applications for the 11th wave of services seeking accreditation against the Male Survivor Partnership’s Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims/Survivors of Sexual Violence.

The Wave 11 application window will close on Monday 27th March. The Quality Standards were developed in 2017 in collaboration with commissioners, service providers and male victims/survivors, who shared their personal experiences of support and what they want and need from the services they access. 

The Independent Accreditation Programme allows organisations to benchmark the quality of their provision for male victims/survivors of sexual violence against these nationally recognised Quality Standards, giving themselves, their clients and commissioners confidence in the services they deliver. 

Becky Jones, CEO of Axis Counselling said:

“Having seen the benefits of having LimeCulture accredited ISVA and ChISVA services, and being an organisation who feel strongly about ensuring that male survivors have the right support, we decided that the natural next step would be to put both our ISVA and Counselling services through the Male Quality Standards. 

The process of becoming accredited helped us to improve what we were already doing to support male clients. For us, reviewing what we were already doing, measuring it against a set standard, and making improvements where needed, was reason enough to take part in the programme. To gain the accreditation, and be able to advertise that we have it, is a bonus, particularly when we are reaching out to male clients, to hopefully help instil confidence in them that we are an organisation that they can trust. In addition, when applying for funding, particularly male-specific funding, having the accreditation is a real bonus.”

Gary Pleece, CEO of Male Survivors Partnership (MSP) said:

“We believe that the MQS are essential for organisations working with male victims and survivors to have. It means that males can be assured of the best possible service from front line services in a time of trauma. When a survivor is on a healing journey, it’s essential that they can trust and put faith in a service that has the highest possible standards and our MQS in partnership with LimeCulture, is the best and only want for organisations to do that.”

Sam Whyte, Director of Sexual Violence Services at LimeCulture said:

 “We’re excited to support a new cohort of services through the Independent Accreditation Programme to join the 47 services who have been accredited, and see once again how their dedication and commitment to recognising gender-based needs makes a real and tangible difference to the lives of the male victims and survivors that they serve.”

To apply

You can find more information about the Accreditation Programme, costs, and our Terms and Conditions here.

To enrol, or to request a tailored quotation, e-mail us at accreditation@limeculture.co.uk. Places on Wave 11 will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note, services enrolling will need to be available for an online, half-day Accreditation Workshop on Wednesday 12th April 2023.