Board Meeting

Board Meeting

November 2018 by Sam Thompson

It seems like a lifetime ago since the standards were released at the House of Lords, yet in fact it was only the beginning of this year.  Being all together again, as the founding board of The Male Survivors Partnership, felt like another really important moment.

Every single trustee sat in the (Clarke Wilmott) office in London shared the same passion and determination to improve the consistency and quality of the services provided to males. Among us are academics, service providers and survivors who enable us to all bring our difference in expertise to the discussion on how we move forward and achieve what we have set out to.

All of us have been busy in the background, firing emails to one another to update on progress being made but nothing could compare to an actual discussion round a table. Point by point we worked through the once overwhelming agenda to discover the amount of work that has been done behind the scenes and the clear progression that had already been made. As each update was given, the new actions set and and a real excitement for the next 12 months became palpable.

None of us could quite believe the success of the standards and how quickly organisations were jumping at the chance to get involved. In 2019 there are exciting plans ahead regarding accreditations and news that we will share with you soon so please watch this space for the updates.

All the small details that needed to be finalised have now been agreed which leaves us with plenty to be getting on with so watch this space for details of everything planned for 2019.