3rd PMG Takes Place in Birmingham

3rd PMG Takes Place in Birmingham

As the first Programme Management Board of 2018 commences, the PMG and Lime Culture CIC reflect on coming to the end of the 1st year of this incredible project.

Without a doubt, this first year has surpassed expectations and whilst we have achieved what we set out to and are perfectly on track with regards to the original project plan and on budget too, the quality of what Lime Culture CIC have produced is far greater than we expected.

Opening the PMG, Duncan Craig of Survivors Manchester thanked Lime Culture’s Tom, Becky and Steph for all of their hard work and input into this project and congratulated them on the production of the Male Service Standards and supplementary documents such as the desktop review, and accreditation documents. These sentiments were very much echoed by PMG members, Neil Henderson (Safeline), Martyn Sullivan (Mankind) and Andy Connelly (Survivors UK).

Following the agenda, the meeting began with all those present checking and discussing the project plan and budget, making sure that the project is on track. Discussion focused on the budget allocated for supporting organisations to work to meet the standards and a lively debate was had on how important it is for this project to ensure that quality is held on to whilst also ensuring that organisations’ expectations of what support can be offered and what needs can be met is managed effectively.

The meeting then moved on to discuss the Draft Accreditation and Monitoring Process including self-assessment and evidence guidance. As PMG members have been looking at this already and feeding back information, it meant that a greater discussion could be had on ‘sense checking’ the processes that Lime Culture have designed for organisations to go through. As the PMG are all organisations themselves, they were able to give Lime Culture insight into what might be problematic and what needs explaining, using their own experience. A deeply rich conversation was had and a number of key decisions we’re able to be made by Lime Culture on how they will proceed.

Steph, Becky and Tom then took the PMG through their ideas for how organisations could engage in this Wave 1 process and the launch of the standards, which will take place in Westminster on 31.01.18 (which we will ensure that we produce a blog about on the day).

The meeting drew to a close and all agreed that the forthcoming year was going to be thoroughly exciting and that male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation can only be winners with this project – they deserve to get a quality assured support service regardless of where they live in the UK.

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