1st PMG is a Success!

1st PMG is a Success!

The first meeting of the Male Survivors Partnership (MSP) Programme Management Group (PMG) was held in Birmingham yesterday to monitor the progress of the development of quality standards for services supporting male survivors of sexual violence.

Chaired by Survivors Manchester’s CEO, Duncan Craig, the PMG consisted of founding MSP members: Survivors UK’s CEO –  Andy Connolly; Mankind’s CEO – Martyn Sullivan; and Safeline’s CEO – Neil Henderson.

As the MSP have commissioned LimeCulture CIC to undertake the research, development and delivery of the Quality  Standards, LimeCulture’s Joint CEO, Stephanie Reardon; Programme Manager, Becky Dewey-York; and Project Manager, Tom Leavesley; were in attendance at the meeting, leading the MSP through a full  agenda that included the background to the project, the key deliverables, male survivor/commissionaire and professional engagement, the project plan, budget and risk register.

The meeting emphasised the importance of survivor engagement in helping to develop the quality standards, the engagement of all services involved in supporting male survivors of abuse and the need for transparency throughout the life of the the project.

Reflecting on this first meeting Duncan said

“It has been a dream of mine for so many years that those of us that work with male survivors can come together with the expressed aim of advancing the support and treatment of male survivors in the UK. Today showed me that dreams can come true”.

Founding MSP member, Neil Henderson said

“this is a survivor led project that aims to ensure that for those organisations that chose to support male survivors, understand the specialist support that is required to help them recover and encourages them to develop that professional and ethical expertise so that male survivors can move on from their abuse”.

Lime Culture’s Project Manager, Tom Leavesley concluded

“as a survivor that has first hand experience of the variety of support available to us males, its really exciting that along with my colleagues at LimeCulture, I get to help shape the positive future for men like me”.

The MSP would like to thank Lloyds Bank Foundation for their support in funding this project; and are grateful to Home Office, Ministry of Justice and NHS England for recognising the importance of this project.

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