UK Gov needs to hear it

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Male Survivors Partnership
Jonny Gutteridge

If you have an interest in improving UK Government support for men and boys affected by sexual violence, please complete the Home Office survey . It’s about ‘violence against women and girls’ but Government need to hear about men and boys too.

We think it could help men and boys in future. Please, take this opportunity.

The Government have committed to accepting evidence from – and about – male victims and survivors of sexual violence in this call for evidence about violence against women and girls. Evidence about men and boys is going to influence an updated ‘male victims position statement’ and will be hugely useful for the Male Survivors Partnership’s work.

The Government have indicated that action doesn’t necessarily stop at a ‘position statement’ and we will be working to share evidence and analysis that – we think – demands a men and boys strategy process to match for the Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls strategies that usually shape all central policy for victims and survivors.