Supporting victims and survivors
– A gender survey

Male Survivors Partnership members are committed to supporting growth and improvement of services for people of all genders, as we know are colleagues and organisations across our sector and beyond, including members of The Survivors Trust, Rape Crisis network and NAPAC.

This survey will generate a UK-wide map of demand for help from trans and non-binary, female and male survivors, to help services and policy-makers assess and respond to the need for gender-inclusive provision. We have also added optional questions to gather information that might be useful to victims and survivors searching for help.

We invite you to complete the survey on behalf of your organisation and to encourage contacts in other sexual violence support sector organisations to complete it. In time we aim to use the data to create a clickable, shareable map that you and others can share on your website.

What you need

To complete the survey you will at least need information about the number of survivors of each gender identity your organisation helped in your last year of reporting.  If you know how many requests for help you had from people new to your organisation there is an option to add those figures. It would be great if you could also add information about what your organisation does, its contact details, accreditations and so on, to help survivors choose the support organisation for them from a clickable Google Map.

If you need to save your answers and go away to find more information, that’s fine, but please make sure you come back to complete the questions and hit Submit, even if you only do the ‘required’ questions.